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Lets help you with¬†Wisconsin DMV practice test. The 50 questions on the test are mostly common sense. But there are a few challenging ones that could trip you up. You’ll be sobbing into your cheese curds if you miss more than ten. Because of this, we developed a DMV diagnostic test that only includes the 15 questions that Wisconsin residents consistently get wrong. With our real-time feedback. You can see which questions on the written test are the most difficult and where you might need to do more research to fill in any knowledge gaps regarding dairyland road rules. If you have more time, explore our other study materials to ensure that you ace your test the first time.

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At a WI DMV Service Center, you must first obtain a learner’s permit if you have never had a driver’s license before. You must be at least 15 years and 6 months old, pass a knowledge test on highway signs, and successfully complete a vision screening in order to obtain an instruction permit. The Wisconsin DMV written exam includes questions on traffic laws. Road signs, and safe driving techniques. It is based on the material in the Wisconsin Driver’s Manual. 50 questions make up the WI DMV written exam, and you must get at least 40 of them right to pass (80%). To prepare for the official Wisconsin DMV driver’s license test, practice with this sample test.

     50               40             80%               151/2

    Questions      Correct Answers       Passing %         Min Age to apply

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