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Are you looking to pass North Dakota DMV Practice test. In North Dakota, a driver license or learner’s permit is required for anyone operating a car or motorcycle on a public road. The written exam includes questions on traffic laws, road signs, safe driving techniques, and the recognition of signals and pavement markings. It is based on the material in the North Dakota Driver’s Handbook. You must get at least 20 of the 25 questions on the ND DMV knowledge test right to pass (80%). To get ready for the actual North Dakota driver’s license test, practice with this sample exam and read the manual.

DMV Written Test

You’ll need your North Dakota driver’s license if you want to ride through the Red River Valley or go to the International Peace Garden. Fortunately, there are only 25 questions on the test, which is short. Is that bad news? If you make even five mistakes, you’ll be given the boot. There are always those tricky questions where they manage to trip you up with the way it’s written or with an answer that isn’t so obvious, even though most of the answers are likely common sense to North Dakotans. To help you organize your study time, this DOT diagnostic uses the top 15 questions that students consistently get wrong. Additionally, you can see where your knowledge may be lacking by using our instant feedback.

     25               20             80%               14

    Questions      Correct Answers       Passing %         Min Age to apply

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